Management of ICOMOS Serbia National Committee


 Sanja Kesić Ristić


  Marija Dragišić

Executive Board

1. Vladimir Božinović
2. Tanja Damljanović
3. Nevena Debljović Ristić
4. Marija Dragišić
5. Jasna Gulan Ružić
6. Sanja Kesić Ristić
7. Miladin Lukić
8. Rade Mrlješ
9. Nevenka Novaković

Supervizing Board

1. Nenad Lajbenšperger
2. Estela Radonjić Živkov
3. Ena Takač


ICOMOS International COuncil on MOnuments and Sites – represents highly respectable non-governmental organization that currently brings together approximately 9500 members from more than 100 countries. Through their professional engagement they are involved in activities of conservation and preservation of cultural and natural heritage throughout the world. ICOMOS is the only global non-governmental organization of this kind. It benefits from the interdisciplinary exchange of its members dedicated to various professions (architects, archeologists, art historians, engineers, town planners, restorers etc), by the commitment for improvement of the conservation and preservation of all types of cultural heritage, enhancement of the standards and techniques, and applying of new methodologies and procedures. ICOMOS is officially recognized as the UNESCO Advisory Body which actively contributes to the work of the World Heritage Committee as well as in implementation of the 1972 Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Nowadays, ICOMOS members represent an influential network of experts who promote the principles of the modern conservation and affirm the values of heritage. Their activity performs through the national committees, ICOMOS organizations at the national level in the UNESCO state parties.